Travel guides are one of my favourite things while travelling solo. You never know when plans change and there’s no internet and language is a barrier, travel guides will be your next best thing to travelling smart….

Top 5 Ways to Snag a Cheap Travel Guide

  1. Book Sale
    I once snagged a Lonely Planet from the Border’s warehouse sale at S$8 and the edition was just a mere 2 editions ago. Look out for book sale announcement on the dailies (The Straits Times) or via Page One’s warehouse sale has more dated issues.
  2. Book Depository
    Based in UK, the online bookstores offers one of the most competitive rates. Best yet, it offers free worldwide shipping.
  3. Digital Chapters
    Top travel guides like Lonely Planet offers digital chapters for download so you can pick and choose the content required. However, do your sums properly. Purchasing too many digital chapters may be more expensive than getting the entire book itself.
  4. iBooks (iPad)
    Downloading samples from iBooks will usually help you in your trip planning without costing a cent. Samples will usually provide the first few chapters free and many a times, these front few chapters will encapsulate the top sights and itineraries for you.
  5. iPhone / iPad Apps
    There are many free travel apps available in the app store which provides information on sights and local eats. However, most apps requires online connection and often contains very brief information.

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