The rise of budget airlines definitely changed the way people travel. It may have it’s fair share of cons like unpunctuality, tight legroom, low baggage allowance etc, proper planning will still get you to places and have you smiling for catching a steal.



1. Jetstar Asia (SG)

  • One of the best in Singapore and does not arrive/depart from the budget terminal in Singapore
  • Releases a Friday Frenzy Fare special from 11am every Friday. Sign up for their enewsletter for latest updates.
  • Direct destinations from Singapore includes:

2. Tiger Airways (SG)

  • Very competitive promotional fares
  • Departs/Arrive from the Budget Terminal though

3. Airasia (MY)

  • Best prices and more flight destinations if departure is from Kuala Lumpur
  • Strong SGD against MYR will also mean air tickets are cheaper from KL
  • Poor customer service as I have problems getting through the customer service hotline and dropping an email does not warrant a reply as well. Very disappointed in this aspect.
  • Destinations from Singapore includes:

4. Scoot (SG)

  • The new kid on the block and the budget arm of Singapore Airlines
  • Have yet to fly Scoot but overall response from others who have tried seemed quite positive
  • Destinations are rather limited for now but destinations are quite unique and not many budget carriers run similar routes (e.g. Tokyo / Gold Coast)


5. Lion Air (IND)

  • Direct flights to Jakarta (IND) and Ho Chi Minh City (VTN) only

6. Cebu Pacific (PHI)

  • Direct flights to Manila, Clark and Cebu only
  • More destinations from Manila

7. Firefly (MY)

  • Direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Kuantan only
  • More destinations from Kuala Lumpur

More Asian budget carriers will be shared here …. stay tuned!


Well, all 4 airlines (Jetstar, Tiger, Scoot and Air Asia) flies to Bangkok but which one to pick? Which budget airline offers the cheapest tickets? While there is no absolute answer to these, I have made a comparison for a 3 day weekend trip from 10 – 12 May 2013 (based on first flight out, last flight back for the day) and here are the results:

Jetstar Asia

  • Departing SG at 07:15 at S$70 + S$24 (taxes)
  • Departing BKK at 21:20 at S$90 + S$30 (taxes)
  • Total = S$224 (excludes S$30 for 15kg baggage allowance)
  • Both flight timings may set you back with hefty taxi fare
  • Expensive baggage fee

Tiger Airways

  • Departing SG at 06:35 at S$110 + S$34 (taxes)
  • Departing BKK at 22:35 at S$119.80 + $S$28 (taxes)
  • Total = S$291.80 (excludes S$15 for 15kg baggage allowance)
  • Cheapest flights has less favorable timing (lesser time at destination)

Air Asia

  • Departing SG at 10:55 at S$57 + S$46 (taxes)
  • Departing BKK at 18:30 at S$57 + S$51 (taxes)
  • Total = S$211 (excludes S$15 for 15kg baggage allowance)


  • Departing SG at 17:45 at S$80 + S$34 (tax)
  • Departing BKK at 20:05 at S$90 + S$27.89 (tax)
  • Total = S$231.89 (excludes S$15 for 15kg baggage allowance)
  • One flight per day

The best thing about budget airlines is that you can book a one-way ticket without any penalty of having to pay more for return, unlike a full fledged carrier. Mix & match your airfares for best pricing and flight timings.


1.Fares will always be higher on weekends (including Fridays) and over public holidays

2. You may still be able to snatch a steal if you book during the sale period which is usually 3 – 9 months ahead

3. Last minute booking would definitely cost much more than booking way ahead. You may be surprised that a full-fledged carrier may cost just a little more for a last minute flight booking. It may be worth checking out Silkair deals for regional destinations.

4. Hungry? You can pay for overpriced snacks OR you can sneak in some light snacks and no one will bat an eyelid on this.

5. Most flights are turnarounds thus you can expect flights to be delayed, especially afternoon/evening flight so if you are arranging for airport pick-ups, do take note of possible delays.

6. Avoid having check-in bags as there would be extra costs. If possible, try purchasing extra baggage allowance online as counter prices costs may cost more in comparison.

7. Weekend dates often sell out quickly as most airlines only release limited seats on promotional airfare. To minimise the time under consideration, always ensure you have a few dates ready and the travel mates’ details on hand. Taking too much time will only cause seats to sell out.

8. Airfares are usually the cheapest if you travel mid-week (e.g. Tues) on budget carriers.

9. Always sign up for their newsletters, “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for news on sale fares and promotions.

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