Well, it may not be as easy to earn miles in Singapore than in the United States of America, it sure isn’t difficult either. For most of us who do not have the luxury to travel for business, here are some tips to clocking miles faster and more efficiently.

Best Credit Cards to Earn Miles

Choose the right Credit Card
& Use it as your Primary Card

Most major banks offers specialized credit cards that allows you to earn miles while you spent. It pretty much works the same like clocking in points to exchange for vouchers. The key is to choosing the right one and use the credit card that rewards you as much as possible, wherever and whenever.

After reviewing the full spectrum of the credit cards issued in Singapore, below is the key summary of some of the best cards that rewards the most for different categories:

1. Best card for Dining (Local/Overseas)  – UOB Preferred Platinum Card (AMEX)
– Earns 4 miles / $1 on dining

2. Best card for Shopping (Local/Overseas) – Citibank Rewards (Visa/MasterCard)
– Earns 4 miles / $1 on clothes, shoes, bags or department stores worldwide (applies to stores with these categories registered as main business)

3. Best card for Online Purchases (<$2,000) – DBS Woman’s World MasterCard Card
– Earns 4 miles / $1 on all online purchases (up to $2,000 spent)

4. Best card for General Overseas Purchases* – ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card
– Earns 2.8 miles / $1 on general overseas spend. Conditions apply.
– *non dining / clothes, bags, shoes & department stores (as main business)

5. Best card for non-online Travel-Related Purchases – Maybank Horizon Platinum Visa Card– Earns 2 miles / $1 on air-tickets, travel packages and perfumes/cosmetics at Changi Airport

6. Best card for Online Non-Travel Purchases (> $2,000), Cinemas & Nightspots
– Earns 2 miles / $1  on online shopping, cinemas, nightspots and selected cafes – excludes all travel, airline, government and online gaming websites.

7. Best card for General Local Purchases – UOB PRVI Miles Platinum AMEX Card
– Earns 1.6 miles / $1

8. Best card for General Local Purchases (>$2,000 / month) – DBS Altitude AMEX Card
– Earns 1.6 miles / $1 (> $2,000 / month)
– Points do not expire

The above summary serves as a basic guide and for more detailed comparisons, click here.

  1. Shane says:

    Number 6 is incomplete.

  2. Edsel Ang says:

    thanks for the very useful tips!!
    i like to check if local and overseas hotel payments fall under which category, and therefore which card offers the best deal?


    • For online hotel payments, you may want to consider using the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard® Card as that would earn you around 4miles/$1 spent. Just take note that there is a cap of S$2,000 spent for earning 10X points. For overseas charge, your best bet is still the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card which entitles you to 2.8miles/$1 spent (before 31 Mar 2013). Hope this helps!

      • Edsel Ang says:

        thanks! i suppose then the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard would be the best option for online purchases of air tickets.. e.g. buying direct from SIA’s website?

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